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Lexington Concrete Contractors

Lexington Concrete Contractors - HomeConcrete has the ability to do more than pave your flooring or add structure to your walls, it has the ability to keep you safe, save you time and money, and look great while doing so. Concrete has long been used by contractors to pave outdoor surfaces that see frequent foot traffic or encounter heavy duty machineries, such as cars, trucks, and trailers, and it continues to give clients the benefits of lasting results and little-required maintenance. With a great concrete surface in or around your home, you won't need to worry about the stability and strength of your surfaces.

About Us

At Lexington Concrete Contractors, we’re rated as the number 1 concrete driveway contractors Lexington, KY has to offer. Our work and willingness to take on a variety of projects has led us to become the trusted and transparent contracting company we are today. We always welcome new clients and handle each of their concrete requests with the utmost level of professionalism and care. Your concrete surfaces are important to us and we want to maintain their standard of integrity through our repair services and initial installation. If you’re unsure who the experts are when it comes to concrete, our customer reviews speak for themselves!

Our team of customer service agents and contractors are dedicated to giving you the best concrete you could ask for. If you’ve thought to yourself, “I wish I could find concrete contractors near me,” then today’s your lucky day! We’ve got a range of services designed to fit your needs as a client for concrete. Whether you want a new concrete driveway or need our help repairing a patio, we can do both and more and all with a simple call!

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Stamped concrete is a modern tool used to give traditional concrete a bit more personality. Stamping concrete involves the use of industrial stamps that allow us to imprint particular designs onto the concrete for added customization. Stamped concrete can often mimic other building materials like cobblestone or brick, and looks great in any floor setting.

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If you’re unsure about which company to turn to for concrete driveway contractors, you’ve, luckily, found the right ones! As the driveway contractors of Lexington, KY, we aim to deliver quality driveways that frame your home and keep your outdoors safe. Driveways should be designed with strategy to ensure that cars can maneuver them and visitors can utilize them. With a driveway that’s dangerous, filled with cracks, or potholes, would you want your kids playing on it or your car driving near it? We didn’t think so either – so let us take on the project of a secure concrete driveway installation!

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Our concrete repair services are dedicated to clients that want to keep their driveways, patios, and pavements in the best shape possible. Don’t stress yourself over the cracks you see in concrete, as these are likely natural elements of wear and tear, but can also be a result of concrete that was not installed correctly. Fortunately, we can tackle both types of problems with our handy concrete repair solutions and get you on your way to having safe concrete that looks great, no matter how old it is!

“We contacted Lexington Concrete Contractors to help file and fill our aging concrete around our home. Not only were they punctual, but also super professional and helpful in fulfilling their services to us to refurbish our concrete. Thanks so much!” - Janice P.

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“I got in touch with Lexington Concrete Contractors to help me customize and build a patio around my new pool that worked well and was safe for the kids. They were able to guide me through which concrete stains would look and work best and were suited for outdoor use. We use it everyday now with no worry!” – Mark S.

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“The professionals at Lexington Concrete Contractors are extremely dedicated to their work as concrete specialists and that can be seen through their work. They’re super thorough and pay close attention to detail with every project they do, including our home’s interiors. We couldn’t thank them enough!” – John M.

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If you enjoy the strong properties of concrete but loathe its dull appearance, you might just be a candidate for stained concrete. While standard concrete works great in generic form, stained concrete helps give you the details you’ve always wanted. Stained concrete works well for flooring, walls, and other infrastructure that you want to incorporate with a personalized flair. So next time you think about avoiding concrete because of its appearance, just remember that you have options to customize and colorize it!

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Concrete installation requires much more than the mixing and pouring of concrete, it requires planning, skills, and technique. Using all of the above, we’re able to pour and install beautiful concrete that’ll last for several years. We adequately measure and scale the areas we’re hired to work in before taking the step to simply install concrete, as we want every inch of your surface to be given the care it deserves.

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Concrete patios are a durable solution to standard wood, tile, or composite patios. Jutting out from the base of your home and into the front or backyard, concrete patios can provide a substantial amount of security and comfort between your property and the outdoors. Concrete is also a great material for those with pets or children that use the outdoor patio for play and relaxation.

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If new concrete is something you’ve always looked forward to, why not give us a call today to see how you can achieve it? We’ve got a team of friendly staff that are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of concrete and how it can change your life and home. If you’re still unsure, you can also get in contact with us by sending us an email through the contact form on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We also offer free quotes and can set up consultations to ease all your worries and answer any questions.