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Stained Concrete - Learn more about what we offer

  • Get a remodel on your home or office with custom acid stained designs, or water options from a nearby contractor.
  • Professional, great google reviews in the area for all exterior and interior projects.
  • We do installation, repairs, driveways, slabs, patios, and sidewalks and curbing.
  • Local, decorative, and and can perform both residential and commercial projects!

Stained concrete is a great way to add value and uniqueness to your home’s concrete project. Though not wildly popular, it is becoming increasing in demand from clients that have seen our previous work with stained concrete and are interested in inquiring more. Serving the same benefits as standard concrete, stained concrete proves to be more versatile in appearance, making it desirable from clients that want the option of being able to customize how their concrete looks. As normal concrete can usually have an industrial appearance, stained concrete can help alleviate that look by adding color, patterns, and glossy finishes to it that create a more comforting look.


Clients have complimented the versatility that stained concrete offers. From different color mixtures to consistencies and finishes, stained concrete is not only beautiful, but can add a unique appearance to your home’s interior. Stained concrete can usually be provided in a variety of designs that include patterns or patch-like work. Whatever you decide, our concrete contractors can readily assist in helping you find the best concrete finish that matches your preference for your home.


Adding stained concrete to the interior or exterior of your home is not only unique but adds a beautiful aesthetic to your home’s overall appearance. While it looks great, it also functions just as well as regular concrete, making it just as easy to clean and maintain. With staining agents that are added to the top of the concrete, it is durable and less prone to damage from scratching, cracking, or caving. As stained concrete is often added for beauty value, it can increase the lighting of a room when added or help your outdoor space look larger, where needed.

Acid-based Stains

Acid-based stains are available in a small variety of colors, but provide a stunning effect to your concrete’s finish. The acid-based stains react with the concrete to provide marbled or granite-like affects to your concrete. This can add aesthetic value to your home and help to brighten up a darker room, if used indoors. Although acid-based stains come in a smaller variety of colors or hues than that water-based stains, they can provide a pristine and affordable finish to your concrete surfaces that is more appealing than standard concrete.

Water-based stains

Water-based stains are used for more intricate preferences if you want particular color hues and designs. As they can easily be mixed with other colors to combine and form new variations, water-based stains are designed to complement wider tastes or detailed surfaces. Water-based stains can be used to create designs or paint-like details into the concrete that are usually unavailable with acid-based stains. If you’re looking for a dramatic finish that water-based stains offer, we can assist in providing you with custom finishes that fit your exact taste. Depending on the designs you opt for with water-based stains, this will help determine the overall costs of your stained concrete. Intricate patterns or designs will usually vary in price.