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Stamped Concrete - Trusted, responsive, and we communicate throughout the entire project

  • Our concrete company makes the estimate experience exciting and affordable in Lexington and all nearby counties.
  • Our local custom contractors make sure that all residential and commercial projects are clean and respectable.
  • We make sure all our patio designs are decorative and will go well with your home and driveway.
  • We also make sure our estimates are affordable for all residents!

Adding stamped concrete to your concrete project is a unique and stunning finish to your home’s exterior. Stamped concrete comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs, all customized to complement your driveway, patio, walkway, and much more. Lexington Concrete Contractors has been providing the area with one-of-a-kind stamped concrete designs for many years and our customers are consistently pleased with the outcome.


The designs for stamped concrete are what draw clients in for their demand. Stamped concrete can be formed to look like stone, brick, rock, or other shapes as you desire. If you’re unsure about which design may suit your outdoor project best, one of our expert contractors is ready to assist! We can advise on which designs will elongate or enhance your outdoor area if you’re looking to give it a certain appearance. Clients thoroughly enjoy the customization element that comes with stamped concrete, giving them more freedom to choose which designs they prefer best to complement their home.


The options with stamped concrete are essentially limitless and can range from simple to intricate designs. Whether you’re looking for something to add aesthetic to your pools exterior, or you want a beautiful stone-line finish around your garden, we’re able to provide stamped concrete that can fulfill both. Stamped concrete also comes in a variety of colors and finishes, so you’re able to pick and choose what size of shape you’d like, the pattern, variation, and much more. Making your concrete customizable to suit your home just got a little easier!


As with most concrete, stamped concrete is equally as durable as the rest. Compared to the shapes or designs in which it is supposed to imitate, such as stone or brick, stamped concrete can actually last longer and without deteriorating as quickly as the other materials. Concrete’s color does not fade as rapidly as other materials that are exposed to outdoor elements, making it another pro for opting for stamped concrete. While stamped concrete is also still prone to eventual damage over time, it can easily be repaired with fillers or filing measures. Simple maintenance will also ensure that your concrete is longer-lasting, and the designs that are stamped in do not deteriorate, chip, or reshape over time.

Weather Resistant

Concrete is known for being relatively weather resistant and not becoming vulnerable to outdoor elements. Concrete does not become as slippery during rainfall as stone or other materials, making it a great option for outdoor surfaces around your home. If you’re looking to install stamped concrete on an area that will see consistent water contact, such as a pool or garden, our contractors are also able to add other elements that prevent it from becoming as slippery such as enhanced textures and or leveling. After installation of the initial stamped concrete, however, our concrete contractors add sealing agents to the surface of the concrete, giving it a pristine finish and making it resistant to weathering or excessive use.