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Prime concrete installation begins with adequate ratios of the mixture, evened land to pour the concrete, and a prepared surface to ensure it sticks with quality. While concrete is available for a variety of foundations, it is best to assess the land beforehand so that we can account for the techniques needed.


The mixture ratio of your concrete is vital to ensuring that your concrete is durable and can withstand weather and frequent use. Our experts have been mixing concrete for many years and have developed the best ratios and practices to do so according to the space that needs to be poured. We always patch test our concrete mixtures to make sure they are accurate and even, giving you a glistening look to your driveway, patio, or sidewalk. By testing the mixture, we can rule out any potential imperfections that may be caused due to improper concrete mixing or the damages it could potentially cause in the future or over time.


Leveling concrete is one of the many steps to having an even concrete space that fits around your home. If you’re looking to have concrete laid on uneven foundations, it is still important for our contractors to assess the property firsthand, so they can account for the methods and techniques laying the concrete at different angles will require. If concrete is being laid up or downhill, we can help avoid erosion or drying unevenly by building posts that secure the concrete in place until it is died. If you’re looking to pour concrete on a flatter service, it helps to have one of our contractors determine the pros and cons of doing so, and if it will cause harm to your vehicles if laid on uneven surfaces. Usually, we are able to account for uneven surfaces and can incorporate higher concrete patios into certain parts of the surface to keep it even in appearance and texture.

Drying Time

Customers appreciate concrete’s quick drying time, making the projects less inconvenient compared to other home-related projects. Depending on the thickness of your concrete, it will require 24-48 hours of drying time without interruption. This helps to ensure that your concrete does not easily succumb to scratches, dents, or cracks during the drying process. Our contractors can give you more specific times for drying, based on your specific concrete surface.


Adding the finishing touches to your concrete is one of the most important steps to ensuring that your outdoor space is pristine. Without smoothing the concrete, giving it a sealing agent, and finishing it to your desire, your concrete can deteriorate quicker or look dull and dirty. Such finishes help your concrete to look clean, new, and prevent it from other damage to gasoline and liquids that excrete from vehicles. After drying, we like to check back in on our finished product, before the job is actually done, to ensure that the concrete has dried evenly and looks great next to your home.