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Repair Service - Both small and big repairs!

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Concrete Repair & Service - We can repair and replace anything

  • Here at LCC we build custom designs for both residential and commercial property owners.
  • We do maintenance, are local, and can fix anything involving concrete.
  • Experienced, Licensed, and affordable.
  • Our sidewalks, decorative patios, and driveways all come highly rated for your home or office.
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Lexington Concrete Contractors have been repairing and filling concrete surfaces around the area for many years. From patios to driveways to parking lots, we have experience in resurfacing a number of concrete pavements that are falling apart. By resealing concrete surfaces either with repairs or fillings, it further prevents injury to pedestrians, visitors, and motorists.


Concrete cracking is typically the result of concrete being mixed poorly with uneven ratios or it is poured onto a surface that has not been adequately prepared. By adding too much or too little water to the concrete mixture during the mixing process, it could cause the concrete to dry unevenly, erode, or not last as long as intended. If concrete is laid onto a surface that has not been evened or properly leveled, it can result – again – in erosion or uneven surfacing. Cracks, crumbling, holes, and other imperfections in improperly poured concrete will reveal themselves over time and use, and should be addresses with repairs before they become hazardous to others.


The timing of repairing your concrete is crucial to ensuring that the repair will last and not fall apart as well. Repairing concrete or filling cracks before or after a storm can cause the concrete to deteriorate quicker. To avoid this, repairing the concrete during the summer or on dryer days will ensure that it has time to dry and rest completely. Allowing the concrete to settle for a few hours before use will also ensure that it is not imprinted easily or dented from a vehicle. The longer damaged concrete sits without repair, the abler it is to damage your vehicles or loved ones if they encounter it. We don’t recommend waiting too long, if possible, to book an appointment with our contractors to repair your concrete if the crack or hole is large, protruding, or hazardous.


When tackling a concrete repair, our contractors first like to assess what the initial cause of the damage to your concrete was. Whether it’s due to weather damage or improper pouring from previous contractors, this will help us to identify what to avoid for the repairs. Our repairs are standard in nature when it comes to filling cracks or holes, but we tailor each of our services so that they can specifically address your concrete problem.


Once we have been able to adequately assist in repairing your concrete, we often give our clients tips for best maintenance. Simple upkeep practices include checking your concrete regularly to ensure that it has not cracked anywhere, regularly rinsing it off with a water hose, and not letting heavy-duty materials strike the concrete. While it does have a long shelf-life and is strong against most tools or vehicles, it can still wear over time, making it vulnerable to elements it was not when first poured. If you find your concrete crackling or crumbling, it is best to call our team to address the problem, rather than fixing it by yourself.